NaturVital provide New Zealand and Australia with more natural hair products and a plant based skin care range, including PPD free hair dyes, paraben free shampoos and hypoallergenic deodorants.

Our products contain organic ingredients and are eco-friendly, so you can look after the environment, while looking after your health and well-being.

If you are a sufferer of alopecia and are looking for a natural hair loss treatment that won't burn or irritate your skin like the chemical filled products at the supermarket, then our plant based range is perfect for you.

  • I have been using NaturVital's hair colour products for over a year now. I was having major problems with my scalp after hair dye applications with burning, itching and my scalp became sore and swollen as a result of the harsh chemicals. Since I found the products from NaturVital I haven't had any re-occurrence of these symptoms and my hair and scalp have never felt healthier.

    - Kym Lenihan

  • I have always coloured my hair, but a few years ago I stated going grey. I had a nasty reaction which caused my face to swell and my head itch like it was on fire. I saw a specialist who advised I may be allergic to Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) which is commonly used in permanent hair dyes. It took a long time of trial and error to find NaturVital but when I did I have never looked back.

    - Sonya Wilkinson

  • I really like using NaturVital as it has great coverage & it is natural with no nasties!! It's a great price & it is delivered very quickly.

    - Sarah Golding

  • I have been purchasing NaturVital hair dye for approx. two years. I am prone to sensitivity of the scalp and strong smells and I have found NaturVital to be very good as it has No ammonia and a pleasant fragrance. I am happy to keep buying NaturVital hair dye as I feel like it is one of the least harmful hair dyes on the market and much more gentle on the skin.

    - Toni Nickalls

  • I absolutely love your products! Smells great, leaves my hair silky soft. I had a very bad allergic reaction to hair dye and thought I would just have to go grey at an early age. Initially started off with just buying the hair dye and now I also buy my shampoo, conditioner, mask and body wash. I Highly recommend these products to anyone who suffers from PPD or sensitive skin.

    - Chanelle Becker

  • A few years ago I became so allergic to PPD and other ‘nasties’ in hair dye. All my glands came up and even worse my head swelled up terribly. Thank goodness after much research and trials with an allergy specialist, I found that NaturVital was the one! It gives fabulous results and now I need never worry about that happening again. Thank you NaturVital. You were a life saver.

    - Anne Batley Burton

  • I started using the NaturVital products due to having a nasty allergic reaction to mainstream hair dye products. I find the NaturVital products very gentle on my hair yet offer great grey coverage. I suffer with sensitive skin so use the hair shampoo & conditioner, the body wash, and most recently added the leave in conditioner (fabulous product) and the underarm deodorant. I highly & happily recommend the NaturVital sensitive range to anyone who suffers with skin complaints such as I do.

    - Jacqui O (Christchurch)