Permanent Hair Colour

First Permanment hair dye range FREE FROM PPD (Paraphenylenediamine), AMMONIA, RESORCINOL AND PARABENS.

Its exclusive formula is rich in Plant keratin, Aloe Vera gel and Sunflower oil. It protects and takes care of hair fiber and scalp.

These permanment dyes give the hair a maxium and long-lasting coverage of grey hair, as well as an intense bright colour, extra care and colour protection against external agents. Only the best selling hair shades.

PPD (Paraphenylenediamine): an oxidation dye found in most permanent hair dyes. Is believed to be to blame for most allergic reactions to hair dyes. The absence of PPD in the formula allegedly minimises the risk of allergic reactions on the scalp.

AMMONIA: extremely alkaline ingredient that damages hair cuticles.

RESORCINOL: used to highlight golden tones. May cause allergic reactions and irritations.

PARABENS: chemical preservative widely used in the cosmetic industry for maintaining product properties.

NOTEPeople sensitive to PPD can also be sensitive to other ingredients in Coloursafe formula, as for example 'Toulene - 2, 5-diamine sulfate'. This dyes are aimed at users who want to avoid the cumulative effect of these ingredients. You must do a sensitivity test 48h before the use of the hair dye

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